Recombinant Antigens

Antigens are usually a protein substance foreign to the body and because being so, it stimulates the body’s immune system to produce the unique antibodies that can fight this antigen. The antigen not has to be protein.

The antigens can be classified to several types:

1. Allergen: these antigens responsible to allergic reaction when thy come in contact with the body. The can be inhaled, injected to the blood, or just through contact with the skin.

2. Immunogen: these antigens cause the immune system to produce antibodies. This type of antigens are always very large molecules, generally proteins or polysaccharide.

3. Tolerogen: type of antigens that invokes a specific immune non-responsiveness (that is why is called tolerant). It is possible for a tolerogen to transform to a immunogen due to molecular change.

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