Recombinant Enzymes

Enzymes are generally produced by glens in the body, these enzymes act as stimulant for cimical reactions, that is they are catalysts to certain comical reactions. In general, enzymes are made of proteins, there are however RNA molecules that act as catalysts and they are referred as ribozymes.

Because enzymes speed up certain comical reaction they can �manage� the metabolic behavior of the cell. The chemical behavior of enzymes is much like any other catalysts, they make comical bond with one molecule, these combine molecules now can easily combine with a second (different) molecule and in this reaction the enzyme is released and can continue to speed up this combination of the molecules. While simple catalysts act on bored range of molecules and comical combinations, the enzymes are selective and specific in the type of comical confections that are speeded up.

There are types of molecules that can effect the activity of the enzymes, for example, Inhibitors molecule suppress the enzyme activity, activators increase the enzymes activity.

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