Recombinant Hormones

Hormones are type of growth factors, the act as a messenger between cells and are vital for the function of multicellular organisms (infect all multi cellular organisms produce hormones). Hormones are type of proteins and secreted into the blood cycle and reach to the targeted cells. Hormones are ubiquitous in the living body and can be found in all tissues. There are many kinds of hormones that target variety of cells, the act as growth signal to cells and there are types of hormones that are not released into the blood cycle and thy spread to the targeted cells by diffusion (to near cells). Hormones have crucial and large impact on the living body.

They responsible to our growth, puberty, psychology and more.

On the recent years it has been possible to manufacture synthetic hormones rather than extracting them from animals and humans, this fact mad it possible to give hormones treatment that was previously impossible due to the high costs of extracting the hormones.

The synthetic methods of producing these hormones are known as recombinant.

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